Serra Club of Metropolitan Dallas

If you are interested in joining the Serra Club of Metropolitan Dallas or would like more information about the club, please contact
Pray, Invite, Encourage, Affirm

Serra clubs are known worldwide for their efforts to foster and affirm Catholic vocations to the ministerial priesthood and vowed religious life.  Membership consists of Catholic men and women, who are actively involved in their faith and are willing and able to participate in club meetings and activities.

The purpose of Serra is to:

  • Foster, promote and affirm vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
  • Encourage members in fellowship through education, to fulfill their Christian vocations to service.

Members meet twice a month on the First Friday of each month at a designated parish for early Mass followed by a breakfast and program in the parish hall and on the third Friday of each month at the Park City Club for lunch and program. Speakers for meetings include diocesan and religious priests, religious women, leading laymen and women and periodically leaders of other religious denominations.

Club members are assigned to Action Groups headed by group leaders.  The groups enjoy fellowship, and along with spouses Serrans attend activities such as the annual recognition Mass and dinner for outstanding alter servers; a monthly Mass with our seminarians at Holy Trinity Seminary followed by a coffee & donut reception, the Lenten devotion and dinner  and the Advent Mass followed by the club’s annual Christmas Party.

Additional activities include:
  • Officers Installation Mass and Banquet 
  • Annual Women’s Religious Appreciation Mass and Dinner in the fall 
  • Annual Clergy Appreciation Outing in the spring 
  • Adult Vocation Awareness Program at Holy Trinity Seminary 

Rewards of Serra membership

Spiritual Growth
Spiritual growth and enrichment through the deepening of faith and increasing knowledge of the church's teachings. 

Study of current and historical events in light of Christian principles.

Service Projects and Social Activities
Association with priests, religious and Catholic men and women who are faith filled, dedicated and generous - all sharing the ideals of the church and Serra and working toward a common goal.

How to Become a Metro Serran

For more information on becoming a Metro Serran, please email our Vice President - Membership. We look forward to your participation.